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Connecting with yourself – when was the last time you were happy being on your own?

I will post this as a guided meditation on sound cloud, look out for the link.

When we haven’t felt safe while we were growing up, we can create workarounds, to avoid being on our own so we don’t have to face the fear or trauma or loneliness still inside our bodies.

A first step to spending time on our own is to sit in nature, when we do this and are quiet we begin to realise we are never fully alone, that nature : grass, trees, flowers, birds, insects, animals are all around us and are connected with us.
This weeks exercise is to sit with nature and become aware of the energy, sound, smells, movement and connection that we have with Gaia and other living organisms.

1. Find a tree, grassy area, rock in the bush, pond in a park, the area on a beach where grasses meet the sand, your favourite spot in your garden etc
2. Make sure you feel safe in the place you have chosen
3. Take off your shoes and let your feet connect with the earth
4. Get comfortable
5. Close your eyes
6. Breathe in long and slow ( count to 6 ) hold – / to 4 or 5,
release with an exhale | repeat 3 times
7. Listen
8. Bring your attention to your body and where it connects
with nature
9. Now say either aloud or in your mind “ what is my dominant
fear? What am I most frightened of?
9a. wait for the answer ( you may hear it, feel it, see it, know it or
a combination of these )
9b. Now say, and what lies under that fear?
9c. wait for the answer ( you may hear it, feel it, see it, know it or
a combination of these ) – if the answer is long, its your ego,
if the answer is simple its your intuition receiving the answer
from your higher self.
9d. Now say that emotion / fear out aloud and how strong it is
out of 10 ( 0 gone – 10 its overwhelming )
9e. Find the place where you feel it in your body and hold that
area e.g. I am afraid of loosing control over my life and I feel
it in my stomach or Solarplexus – placing your hands over
that area
9f. Sit with this emotion or fear and keep your hands on that area of your body where you feel it the most – don’t run from it, you are safe, you are NOT really experiencing a threat, the longer you sit in this emotion / fear the quicker it will dissolve and leave you. Keep breathing and regulate your breathing if it is fast and shallow redo the slow, long three breaths. If the emotion or fear changes and/ or moves within your body, follow it. State the new emotion and hold the new place in your body where it shows up.
9g. When the intensity of the fear / emotion is less than 2 – you can ask yourself, where did this come from? What age was I when I first experienced it?
9h. Wait for the answer ( you may hear it, feel it, see it, know it or a combination of these ) – if the answer is long, it’s your ego, if the answer is simple it’s your intuition receiving the answer from your higher self.
9i. Make connection with you at that age. Tell that x year old you – ‘we are safe, we made it, we are now xx years old”, tell them more about your current life. Invite that x year old you to stay with the current you, and that you will protect them, ask them to integrate with your current self”.
10. Bring your attention slowly back to the present moment.
11. Wrap your arms around you in a hug and say to yourself “ I LOVE YOU” ( the more uncomfortable this feels, the more often you should do this ! ) now tell yourself 1 thing you have done today that you are proud of.
Promise yourself whilst still hugging yourself that you will do this everyday.
12. If you have time, stay a little while and just enjoy being present with nature and yourself.


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