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Why did I call my practice, The Essential You?

There’s a quote that has a lot of resonance for me, by the well known American author Scott Turrow:
“Who are we but the stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves, and believe?”

From when we are prenatal beings we pick up on queues – chemically, vibrationally, acoustically and energetically.

At a somatic (body led) level, these early imprints start to form who we believe we are in this life.  As young children we are unable to ascertain truth from implied words – so we believe what others tell us about ourselves at a subconscious level, at a cellular level, it is held in our bodies: e.g “ You are so beautiful, we love you, you’re just like daddy, you’re a pain, you were a mistake, your good at maths and bad at English, you’ll never amount to anything, you’re cursed, you think you’re better than us….”

Just reflect on the volume of positive and negative stories that young child is subject to…. Then extrapolate that through adolescence and into young adult-hood. By the time you’re 18 – 21 you have a clear foundational story about who you are, the trouble for most of us is – it’s not the truth of who we are!

We live our lives based on our stories we unconsciously believe about ourselves.

We think a certain way, our choices like who we have relationships with, whether we finish school and go to University, the jobs we seek, how free or constricted our life is, religious beliefs and the list goes on!  I’ve done the self work and continue to do the work around my core childhood stories.  When I work with clients, we investigate their stories and slowly unravel those that do not enhance, support and embrace a positive and empowered life.

The journey I offer clients is to re-discover their Essential self, their inner core, their innate wisdom, their purpose for this life and how to shape a life that only they can imagine and that they truly want to live in…

When we change our story – we change our world

My Vision

Enabling clients to live the lives they long for by guiding and supporting them to unwrap THEIR ESSENTIAL SELF – free from pain, collected stories of who they are & conditioning of society.

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