Essential Reiki

Why Essential Reiki ?

I love using Reiki in my everyday life because it keeps me grounded, energised, happy and balanced.

We are all energy.

At our most basic particle level we vibrate ! as do all building blocks within the Universe. It therefore makes sense both intuitively and through scientific research, that we are connected energetically to everyone and everything in our environment.

As a Reiki practitioner who has been trained through the Traditional Usui lineage I live according to Japanese Buddhist tradition with daily meditation, Self Reiki practice and Chanting therefore I am able to channel healing energy through my crown chakra, heart charkra and out through my hands and 3rd eye to the clients auric field, chakras and physical body.

I am a Reiki Master / Teacher  and have a direct lineage to Mikao Usui, Mrs Hawayo Takata and William Lee Rand through my master trainer Jeremy O Carrol.

Mikao Usui the founder, would have considered Reiki to be a path to enlightenment. Modern day practitioners consider it a healing method that creates balance through the Chakras and enables the healthy flow of energy in our bodies both Physical and Etheric.

Daily practice supports and maintains a healthy body, mind and spirit and the balance between all three. The system of Reiki is a complimentary, safe, vibrational energy healing therapy, it is painless, non-manipulative, non-invasive and does not interfere with any form of medical treatment.


Services Available

I offer Reiki as a stand alone 1 hour healing session.

I also offer Reiki together with Holistic Counselling as a 2 hour session. Most clients find a depth within themselves and their inner dialogue that needs to be explored after a Reiki session. I find that combining Reiki and Counselling provides clients with a deep healing and release.

I am also qualified as a Reiki Palliative Care Practitioner. I trained with Naturally Vibrant Healing Centre which is a recognised program with AARP and Fernlea House Day Respite. I have worked with clients on the palliative journey at Fernlea House and for the charity Heart 2 Heart. If you or a loved one are on the palliative journey, Reiki sessions can be wonderful for: easing anxiety, reducing the affects of Chemo or radiation therapy, to achieve peace, to connect with your higher self. Also if sleep is difficult many palliative clients find they achieve deep peaceful sleep for several days after a Reiki Healing session. I have all the appropriate training and insurances to work in a medical palliative care environment. I am happy to present to your medical team on the benefits of Reiki as a complimentary and supportive practice.

I work with animals too and have had great success with dogs, cats, horses and chooks! Most animals respond very well to Reiki. It is often used to increase the speed of post surgery healing, it can calm animals with a nervous disposition, and can assist with digestion issues, to name a few benefits!

What happens in an Essential Reiki session?


When you receive an Essential Reiki healing, you lie fully clothed on a treatment table, and I usually wrap you in a blanket. I place my hands lightly on or just above your head, throat, torso and legs and feet. I play gentle music, burn candles and if you are ok with essences I burn an essence blend for relaxation.

You may feel heat, tingling, cold waves, short and sudden bursts of uncomfortable energy and restlessness, spasms in your limbs or you may fall into a deep sleep with active dreams and messages.

If you have an injury or area that needs extra attention then I will concentrate on that area for extra healing.

Sometimes I do a chakra cleans and re-balance where I can see a clients’ aura is dull in some areas, or their chakras are not spinning and bright and clean.

5. I also offer distance Reiki Sessions. Reiki energy moves across space and time similar to radio waves. Before starting the reiki session we speak on the phone or via Zoom. We discuss any areas of concern you have, we agree on a time and you prepare your room with your favourite music, candles, incense or oils. You lie in a comfortable bed or on cushions on the floor, or on a couch. You need to ensure you are in a place where you will not be disturbed.

You lie down on your back, arms by your side, legs uncrossed. It’s ok if you fall asleep as I call you about 15 minutes after the Reiki session has finished. OR if previously agreed and you are staying asleep after the session I touch base the next day to follow up after the healing session.

This is especially great for clients with a severe physical disability who would struggle to be comfortable in my room. It is also great for children or adults who have been diagnosed with ADHD or spectrum behaviors and who might not settle with a strange person and in a foreign environment.

Please call me to discuss your particular requirements 0409 705 637

Download the document below to find out more about Reiki:

My Vision

Enabling clients to live the lives they long for by guiding and supporting them to unwrap THEIR ESSENTIAL SELF – free from pain, collected stories of who they are & conditioning of society.

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