Essential Conversations and Meditations with Rosey

Meet Your Soul, Guided Meditation Journey

by Rosey Meads | 17 minutes - February 2020

Surrounded by the Sea - Meditation Music

by Rosey Meads | 5 minutes - January 2020

Grounding Root Chakra - Meditation Music

by Rosey Meads | 6 minutes - January 2020

Family and Systemic Constellations

Family and Systemic Constellations

   Family and Systemic Constellations (FSC) is an established therapy with facilitators all over the world looking for the source of patterns that repeat within families. This therapy has been used in personal therapeutic, legal and business settings for over 40...

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What is Holistic Counseling

What is Holistic Counseling

   “The word ‘Holistic’ in front of ‘counsellor’ implies a focus on the whole person, and that persons’ innate ability to heal themselves.” Rosey Meads   1.0 The formal definition of ‘Holistic’ is:“Considering a whole thing or being, to be more than a...

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Tapping for Personal Peace (Emotional Freedom Technique) 

Why we can benefit from using this technique in our daily lives. Have you heard that our body stores emotions in our cellular environment, and holding onto painful emotions, depletes our energetic body? Freeing your body of heavy emotions,  releases energy within your...

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A new symbol for Lightworkers and Energy Healers

“We are all connected”

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My Vision

Enabling clients to live the lives they long for by guiding and supporting them to unwrap THEIR ESSENTIAL SELF – free from pain, collected stories of who they are & conditioning of society.

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