RUMI SAID : “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”

Rumi was referring to letting go of all the mind and ego baggage, when he said ‘when the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about”. He was saying, find all the business and fear that is inside you, all the mind chatter, all the working for possessions, all the judgements about yourself and others, all the concern with other people, money, work, possessions, fear and worry about the future……. bundle it all up, be 100% honest with yourself…….. now take that bundle (huge though it may be) and place it outside of your house.
This is a metaphor – your house can be literal,it can also be your body, your mind, the psyche of the society in which you live…. so whatever the ‘house’ that you are trapped in, is for you….. take that bundle and leave it outside!
Now you are living in a state of GRACE


Next comes the bit we need to combine with science….

This can be a dirty word for many people, as faith based in man made religion has caused a lot of harm over the millennia.
I’m not talking about that old kind of faith.

I am referring to an unwavering awareness of, and belief in,
the way you receive information – YOUR INTUITION

Do you Hear? See? Feel? Know?

We are all intuitive, there is nothing special about being intuitive, have you ever had a strong urge to alter your course and later find out you missed a tragedy, accident etc? That is your intuition. Many, many people are afraid of opening to their intuition or have been told by religions that it is evil…. it is not, it is our connection with the divine, the more you open to and surrender to your intuition and how you receive it, the closer to living connected to the field, you become.

Now science is explaining to us through Quantum physics, string Theory, Quantum entanglement etc
that the creative source which is in us, enables us to establish a connection with ‘the field’ and then be able to ‘see’ anything else taking place in the field, including the echos of the past and imprints of the future – because time doesn’t exist in a linear manner in the field.
Experiments have been documented in USA military where after much practice, soldiers have been able to sit in ‘the field’ and see things taking place on the other side of the world, in detail….. this is one way of working in the field.

In recent years I was a Reiki / Massage therapist as a volunteer and we supported two young boys who had never been able to talk, walk, eat (fed through a PEG into their stomachs). On my 3rd visit, one of the boys and I, clearly in ‘the field’ were able to communicate telepathically, mostly with images but also with words. After visiting him for 6+ times, we could communicate no matter where we were, he would let me know when he was lonely, frustrated, fearful and was seeking support, to be heard, to be reassured. After checking in with a couple of other volunteers who visited the brothers, we discovered we were all having the same experience. After those of us volunteering with the boys connected and realised that this phenomenon was occuring, the other brother started communicating with us in the same way. It felt so natural.

The field is real, peer reviewed science describes it as electromagnetic waves, others call it the Matrix or Divine Matrix… is known by many names, it is our soul connection beyond time and space.

Now here is a key concept to dive deep into:
Conscious observation collapses ‘reality’ into digital matter.
Conscious observation changes direction of particles and atoms
Conscious Thought Powers Our Whole System.

Sitting in heart based meditation with a quiet mind, will enable us to connect into the field – we can ask for support from spirit, angels, spirit guides, whoever you speak to for support, and request that they help us connect into ‘the field’ and maintain that connection.

Quantum Physics + Faith + Grace = living connected within the field.

Once we are living connected within the field we can manifest, we learn to take ownership of our thoughts and actions, we ‘know’ we are all connected therefore compassion and love become an essential way of life, we can steer around potholes and bumps in the road because we are aware of them before they happen. We gain clarity about our role here on earth in this life, we ‘know’ deep within that we can take ownership for the people and world around us and positively impact human evolution.

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