“I can’t recommend Rosey Meads enough. Incredible person who is caring, empathetic, understanding and has a genuine passion to want to help people through their toughest challenges in life.

Certainly has changed my life. Thank you.”

N Brissy

“Rosey has been great in helping me to further understand the complexities of my family issues and overcoming some inter-generational anxiety through systemic work and highlighting needs and resources for myself and family members. Her approach is holistic and I feel completely at ease when talking to her, and feel she can offer me different perspectives on things. I feel like my anxiety levels have lowered from our work together and I am more aware of my feelings and how to assert myself better in certain situations, without having negative impacts.” 


Rosey is really gracious and patient and really feels into the crux of the issue. I really love working with her.


Rosey really ‘got me” I was going through emotional trauma as my marriage ended after 25 years, she helped me to discover that I couldn’t recognise my emotions and that I had put my partner first for so long, I didn’t know what I enjoyed doing for me ! Now I have a whole lot of hobbies I love and I am not scared of my emotions I am ok to feel things now- my life has completely changed.

A.P. Mornington Peninsula

It is with great pleasure that I have known Rosemary Meads on both a personal and professional level for several years. Rosemary spent time with me in class under my tutelage in a “Care of the Palliative Client for Reiki Practitioners” course in 2016 and also works with me as a Palliative Clinician in our Home and Hospital Visit Program on a weekly basis.

Amongst her many attributes are her stand out traits of integrity, conduct becoming a professional and problem solving with efficiency. Rosemary is highly receptive to the needs of others and sensitive in her care of her clients. She is respectful and empathetic while maintaining healthy boundaries, warmth and strong community connection. Of particular delight is Rosemary’s bright sense of humour and wit. She is an intelligent woman with a myriad of healing skills and a passion for her work of assisting others to be in their best condition.

Rosemary has been a strong team member in our Palliative program and has exhibited care, enjoyment and humility. We are supported by the charity Heart2Heart and it is the good works of those such as Rosemary that enables our programs to succeed.

It is my honour to be recommending Rosemary and I wish her well in all her endeavours.

Alexandra Browne-Hill

Naturally Vibrant Reiki Centre

Rosie Stave

Certified Facilitator, The Work of Byron Katie

“Dear Rosey,

Thank you again for the Sound Healing last night. I enjoyed each part of it, and when I looked in the mirror this morning my skin looked more clear and plump (versus wrinkly) than usual. Also, I have had good energy all day and my ankle has seemed more comfortable too.

When we arrived, you and your space were very calm and welcoming, and there were so many instruments to take our attention and draw our interest. The seating and blankets were very comfortable and cosy.

I enjoyed the body scan, beginning with the scalp, then the eyes and working through the body. I’ve never experienced one quite like that, and would love to again. I felt very relaxed and receptive as we worked through the energy centres. It was good to receive an answer about the questions you suggested about what I needed. I found all your directions were clear, timed comfortably for me and easy to follow.

I responded to the different instruments and sounds in different parts of my body, stirring up different emotions and sensations. There were none that I found uncomfortable and many that I loved. With the native American drum, it was fascinating to hear that most of the drumbeats had their own unique sounds, and your singing was so energising and powerful – it had a great effect on me. The whole experience was a great adventure of sensations, both in the physical realm and beyond. At least a couple of times I found myself coming back – I don’t know if I’d been asleep or somewhere else.

I observed different responses depending not only on the instruments and tones, but also on the volume and their distance from me. Often when they were closer the sensations and effects were heightened.

I’m playing some binaural beats now as I type this, as they had quite an effect on me last night. At your prompting, as we listened to them at the end last night, I was aware of my injury and pain that was suddenly prominent in my big toe and in my shoulder. By the end both had released.
Love and best wishes.”


“I have recently been fortunate to have been a part of a group enjoying a session of Rosey’s Sound Bath Healing. Singing and dancing have always been deeply impactful for me in lifting my energy and resulting in a happier me. Rosey’s Sound Bath was altogether something different. It was more. Much more. Ninety minutes of peace, total relaxation, and actually feeling the sensation of sound as it travelled through my body was utterly rejuvenating yet, carefully so in a way that gradually and calmly filled me with strength and a simple rich sense of peace.

Each sound appeared to me as a word or a fleeting picture across my mind. Perhaps powerful messages. Other times I could feel exactly where the frequencies nestled into my cells. What an extraordinary experience and one that has enriched me.  My day after this session empowered my desire to work well, and achieve lots without a need to push. I feel balanced and back in charge of my destiny. How wonderful!

Rosey’s magical sound and her gentle, welcoming manner is a delightful combination that I will happily raise my hand for again and again.

Thank you, Rosey”

Alexandra Browne-Hill

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Enabling clients to live the lives they long for by guiding and supporting them to unwrap THEIR ESSENTIAL SELF – free from pain, collected stories of who they are & conditioning of society.

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