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Soul Body Fusion® was first brought to earth for Jonette Crowley who is an advanced spiritual guide, teacher, channeler and Portal Activator – by a higher dimensional being who calls itself Mark.

When she first experienced the process she didn’t actually notice any immediate changes in her body, she did however get a lot of feedback from others that she was shining, standing in her power and her light. Over the coming weeks after the first SBF activation process, she did more sessions and discovered a profound shift in her health, ability to focus, energy levels, openness to higher intuition, improvement in her movement and health regimes and more.

The process

We sit together, you the client place your hands on your knees facing up and open.

If you are physically with the practitioner, they will place their fingers gently across the top of yours. If you are working on Zoom, you still assume this position, the practitioners’ hands are of course open to yours – just not physically touching!

We have a short discussion to ensure we are setting the same intention for the session – then we begin. This is NOT a meditation or opportunity to sleep! The practitioner will gently talk to you regularly through the session to ensure you are grounded and fully present and aware of what is taking place in your body ( you may not notice much that is ok too you cN ask for confirmation to come from outside at the end of the session)

We sit for 10 minutes and then have a short break and then sit again for 10 minutes.

At the end we do a short debrief.

Soul Body Fusion® is not a linear transmission of healing energies. It works at a quantum level. The source is everywhere. Your intention, like a prayer, materializes it.

It is recommended to do the process again in 1 week and again in 3 weeks.

I suggest journaling straight after each session – you may get messages that you won’t want to forget!

Client feedback to Jonette

“Most of the time people feel great after the Fusion. They report being more solidly in their body than ever before: “It was like sinking into an old, soft, comfortable chair—and the chair was my body,” one woman commented. Another kept stroking the skin of her arms, saying, “I’ve never really felt my body before.” They talk of finally “being home.” They feel powerful, light, energized, clear, in love with themselves, glowing, and happy.

Overall, approximately 90 percent feel some sort of physical or emotional sensation during the Fusion process. About 60 percent feel heat, tingling, vibrations, or pressure. I find it interesting that roughly 70 percent feel the Fusion begin in their head and move down their body. For others it may start in their arms, their feet, their heart area, or the top and bottom simultaneously. For many the physical shift feels electrical, like cellular rewiring to prepare the nervous system for a higher frequency.

Deidre in Denmark described her experience: “A rod of light went through the top of my head and down my spine. Then my head opened up and pressure came down and light came up out of me to meet it. Then everything merged.”

Kelly put it this way: “I have never felt energy like that pass through my body!”

Since the body needs time to integrate the electricity of the higher vibrations, you don’t want to interfere by touching or hugging at the end. I suggest quiet time if possible. The body is amazing in its ability to reformat itself to higher frequencies. Within minutes the more dramatic reactions will stop and people will begin to adjust. “

Soul Body Fusion® Book by Jonette Crowley

Client feedback to Rosey

I experienced a soul body infusion with Rosey and it was truely a beautiful experience. Rosey held an amazing space for me via zoom and I feel more aligned with myself, my soul and a more inner knowing that I am on the path that my soul truely wants to walk. Thank you very much for this amazing opportunity Rosey. You are a true gift to the world.
Heidi MC

Hey Rosey,Thanks for such a great, calming session the other day, I felt light and happy after it ended 🙂

My Vision

Enabling clients to live the lives they long for by guiding and supporting them to unwrap THEIR ESSENTIAL SELF – free from pain, collected stories of who they are & conditioning of society.

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