Are you existing through these times of the virus? Or are you thriving? And which one would you choose….?

Are you working at home at the moment? or have you lost your job due to COVID19 restrictions? Maybe you are balancing working at home and supporting kids who are learning at home? Do you have a partner? Are they at home too, or are they out working?

Are you worried, scared, angry?
Are you finding it hard to stay motivated, find happiness in daily life, maintain a healthy balance of give and take in your relationships?

Maybe you are drinking, smoking or ‘using’ more than usual?
Do you feel supported or vulnerable?

Over the coming 6 weeks I will be offering some practical daily activities that really work and which can help you move from survive to thrive during the COVID19 bumpy ride…

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Week 1.
Create Your Day and live the way you really want to

a. Before you remember who you are, in that brief moment of silence between asleep and awake, remember who you really want to be
b. Create your day in that moment before you remember the old patterns of who you are – and your experience of your day will be powerful, resonant, rich and its memory lasting…
c.Remember to create each day so that it is astounding, refreshing, exciting, joyful and so that it adds to your experiences of life….

At that moment before connection with your body or anyone else, SAY”
1.“Today I will know extraordinary people and have encounters of the unusual even if it is on-line, via books, phone or TV”
2. Today I will know wealth in a way of which I have never known and all along the way I will be so excited about today that I will not feel (anger, fear, anxiety…. Etc) that I dread feeling everyday”
3. Today I will be motivated to move, I will go for a walk, lie on my back and dream with the clouds, listen to nature and the rhythm of the neighbourhood, smile at someone even from a distance and ask how they are doing, I will focused outside my body and take the time to notice the small things”
4. Say these words slowly in your mind, hold them, be present with them, so that you are present with everyone of them; and when you have finished you would have been present with creating your day and your day can get on with bringing you hope/
5. The more present you are with the sentences, the more excitement grows in your body and the promise of the day grows within you.
6. I like to journal – I write my words for the day I have chosen to create, and at the end of the day I sit quietly and allow for a reflection of what the day offered me to become clear and then I record it under my mornings words.
I am often surprised at how the day I created delivered but in ways that I had not expected… how so often the day broadens my horizons and is greater than my original limited expectations….. when we surrender to the vast possibilities of our universe we can be constantly surprised and have our vision broadened!!!

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