Melodic Energy Healing

The ancients knew it!

Shamans use it!

It’s all through Tibetan healing and wisdom traditions ….. and now we have Ultrasound, PET (Positron Emission Tomography scans ), CT scans (Computed Tomography ), EEG scans (Electroencephalogram)… that use sound and light for information about the body. Sonograms are breaking up kidney stones, light therapy is re growing neurons in the brains of stroke patients and dentist are getting ready to regrow teeth with light therapy!

Humans are beings of resonance and we have an electric body and an energy field… doctors use this fact everyday when sending clients off to have tests using the technologies I mentioned above!

How we heal as humans is shifting, as our energy frequencies rise, so too does our ability to heal beyond the old methods of harsh physical intervention. Informational medicine techniques are now working in the quantum fields of string and entanglement theories where light and sound are recognised for their healing properties.

Sound is basically pressured airwaves: rhythmic pressure moving at the speed of sound. Sound for reducing pain, releasing strong emotions and creating a healing balance within our biology works due to the process of entrainment, i.e when we activate a sound and light frequency our own vibrational frequency raises to match it.

Did you know that stem cells are being stimulated for healthy growth with sound therapy? How cool is that? We can change the epigenetic expression of our biology using sound therapy and we can change our emotional state!

For thousands of years people have also used colour for healing. Colours are everywhere in our lives and they have the capacity to assist with healing many health conditions, mental stressors and emotional difficulties. Colours can be used to help you heal in many ways, including: the use of visualisations, what you wear, the foods you eat, how you decorate your home, the work environment, flowers, crystals and jewelry – and the list is endless.

In Harmonic Energy Healing I use colour and light, with sound waves abd music and also Tapping on the Meridens and Reiki energy work – all together in a powerful transformational process called Melodic Energy Healing.

I spent more than 20 years studying music and training in classical music, and i’m a Reiki Master, and holistic therapist. I have trained with Lama Tendar in Tibetan Sound Healing and also use the work of Inna Segal with colour and body symptoms.

A Melodic Energy Healing session takes approximately 2 hours.

We start by getting very clear on what you want to clear, release or achieve eg release strong emotions, reduce pain, release the affects of trauma or PTSD, release blockages in your physical, mental, emotional or energy bodies etc.

You lie down under blankets on the massage table and receive a combination of all of these Processes, I work based on what you have told me and also on the intuitive information I receive.

We finish with tapping to release any remaining thoughts, emotions or negative energy. This is a deeply regenerative process for your physical body, mind, energy body and spirit.


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