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Friday night sound bath and meditation

2 Nights

Friday 27th November 2020 8 – 9:15pm

Friday 18th December 2020. 8 – 9:15pm


Group Family Constellations

Every third Sunday of the month from 16th August – 20th December
AEST 3pm ( 2 hours )


Friday Night Sound Bath with Rosey Meads

For healing, reducing stress and anxiety and promoting quality sleep

Fortnightly on a Friday night 8pm AEST ( 1 hour )
$20.00 + booking fee

Healing through singing Bowl Sounds, Sacred Mantras and Chakra frequency sound Scapes.

  • SOUND is energy
  • SOUND is truth
  • SOUND is vibration
  • SOUND is harmony

Sound healing works on the subtle and very subtle bodies and brings about a deep transformation within the physical body, the emotions and the mind.

Sound is a source of energy that can be harnessed to bring about inner stillness, balance of the body via the chakras and also for an experience of deep relaxation.

In Tibetan Buddhism sound is used for healing the body, emotions and mental states and as well as for clearing and revitalising energies in homes and buildings.

In Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy, the origin of "life' is sound and light.

The Tibetan singing bowls I use are hand made in Tibet from the seven metals of the Hinalaya and are therefore formed from a sacred environment. Each one of the seven metals represents one of the planets according to Tibetan astrology and the sounds resonate with the seven chakras.

Singing Bowls produce the primordial sound of the sacred Sanskrit Syllable ' OM'

OM is made up of three syllables A  O  M  representing the wisdom energy of Pure body, speech and mind. The sound of OM can alter space, mind and time, awaken cellular memory and heal the energy body.

( notes from Tibetan Sound Healing Course with Lama Tendar - Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Meditation Centre )

What is great about living authentically?

Authentic people know themselves; they are able to listen to their inner voice, they understand the complexities of their own feelings and they have faced up to the truth about themselves.  They have realistic perceptions of reality, are in the whole accepting of themselves and others, are thoughtful and are able to learn from their mistakes.


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